Fibreglass Swimming Pools

We Western Australians love our swimming pools – they’re what make our great climate perfect. But a pool is a big investment, and if it goes wrong it can be a real headache. Luckily, you have Billabong Pools.

Billabong Pools has been designing, making, installing and maintaining fibreglass swimming pools in Perth for over 35 years, and have installed them in locations as far flung as Bunbury and Kalgoorlie. During that time we have honed our skills and advanced our techniques. Our current swimming pool designs feature extensive ceramic piping and valves.


At Billabong Pools we ensure the success of our pools by doing our own installations. Our installers have the experience necessary to ensure that the pool is properly supported, and not subjected to potentially destructive stresses. Installing a pool is a major operation. Our installers take pride in their punctuality, and on coordinating their work with that of the other trades on the site, so the disruption of having your swimming pool installed is reduced to a minimum.


Over many years installing fibreglass swimming pools in WA, we have developed our landscaping skills. Every pool owner has different landscaping ideas, and at Billabong Pools we can advise our customers on the practical aspects of realising their concept. From simply providing the obligatory fencing, through stylish poolside paving, our landscaping service extends to rock designs which go below the waterline, creating underwater rockeries. Our unique rock ledge has been engineered to allow the cascading water to replenish the pool, an exclusive feature which will make your pool stand out from the crowd.


The transport of a large fibreglass swimming pool is a specialised task. The open road is not the natural habitat of the swimming pool! Our pools are moved on specially constructed trailers, at slow speeds. It takes a little longer, but the pool arrives in perfect condition.