Swim Spas Perth

Billabong Pools, Perth’s leading supplier of fibreglass swimming pools, makes an exciting range of swim spas, incorporating sophisticated outdoor spas as extensions in its larger pools to form separate areas. These can receive separate heating, cooling, and turbulent circulation.

To get an idea of the exciting possibilities offered by Billabong Pools, take a moment to browse our online pool and spa warehouse…

The Sasha spa features a 7.9 metre swimming pool with spa extension. Poolside controls are an option, as is limestone capping, making the Sasha a practical and superb-looking solution.

The Kristina, at 7.2 metres a slightly smaller swim spa pool, has a spa seat with central table. The spa seat can have spa jets installed, together with a blower.

A recent additi8on to the Billabong Pools range of swim spas is the Taryn Pool Spa. A courtyard pool measuring 6.1 metres is teamed with a glorious warm turbo spa. The spa can be separately heated, using gas or solar. It all makes for a luxurious little pool. The spa and pool can be tiled to the water line and fibreglass rocks added to add character and make the Taryn Pool Spa a true asset to your backyard. The choice of colours can be from our gold chip range tinged with midnight blue colouring.

The Belinda matches a 7.7 x 3.7 metre swimming pool with a cosy kidney – shaped spa. Like the Taryn, the Belinda’s spa is separately heated or cooled, and has the option of spa jets, a blower and pool – side controls. In the Belinda, the spa doubles as a sheer water fall to the pool.