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Welcome to Billabong Pools, Western Australia’s leading supplier of home swimming pools.

At Billabong we have been building domestic swimming pools for over 30 years. In that time our pools have earned a well-deserved reputation for durability. Western Australia’s climate is extremely unkind to plastics of any kind. Extreme ranges of heat, including very high temperatures and a great deal of ultra violet radiation test the resilience of even the best plastics, leading to breakdown of the surface of the pool, and eventually to leakage and an ugly pool. To address the problem of degradation, we have developed our own gel coat formula, which gives a harder surface, more tolerant of high ultra violet levels with the addition of Gold and other reflectants making the pools surface come alive in the sunlight and awake at night . So successful has this been that several customers have asked us to relocate their pools, after years of service, to their new homes.

But innovative use of materials is only part of the story of our success. The real reason so many Perth home owners turn to us again and again is that we don’t just make pools; we transport, install and service them. Our job isn’t done until the pool is installed, commissioned and operating successfully.

When we receive your enquiry for a new pool, the first thing we do is to survey your site, not just for its suitability to house your pool, but also for its access. Every one of our pools is designed with transport in mind, and we operate our own transport vehicles and equipment, so the most vulnerable stage of your pool’s life – transport and installation – is in the hands of experts who take responsibility for a successful outcome. And along the way we’ve learned how to put a pool practically anywhere – more than one of our pools sits atop a multi-storey Perth apartment block a much better alternative to concrete!