Billabong Pools COMMERCIAL

Commercial Fibre Glass Swimming Pools

Proudly Western Australian, Billabong Pools has earned the enviable distinction of being the manufacturer of the world’s largest fibre-glass swimming pools. Successfully making large swimming pools requires more than just expertise in moulding the pool; the real challenge comes in delivering and installing the pool and we do this with our own staff and equipment.

So we design our pools with transport in mind, and our responsibility continues, through delivery and installation, until the pool is installed and operating. Given that many of our pools are destined for Western Australia’s remote mining areas, that’s no mean feat!

Here at Billabong we have been making pools for over 30 years, and during that time our techniques have evolved and improved. We have developed our own gel coat, which gives our pools a harder surface, better able to withstand the rigours of Western Australia’s climate. We can now build pools with complex embedded plumbing to support exercise and camp sustainability. Multiple pump , filters and so on are our speciality.

We currently make large commercial pools in two sizes – 25m x 5m, and 25m x 8m, the latter being the largest pool of its kind in the world.

Features of Billabong commercial swimming pools include:

  • 1 – 2 metre depth or deeper
  • 4 pumps and 4 filters allowing some to go on standby over winter
  • Large filters and plumbing, low maintenance with good back up support
  • Computerised control
  • 1 tonne salt capacity
  • Economical salt water chlorination system

  • Full professional after-sales support

A swimming pool is a major investment, and once installed, mistakes are hard and expensive to rectify. It makes sense to buy from the experts, and when it comes to large commercial swimming pools nobody has more expertise than Billabong.

Swimming pool maintenance can be ongoing as we have basses in Perth and Port Hedland

So if you are looking for a large swimming pool you can depend upon, give us a call. We will quote you and give you the rules the Health Department require

And then show you running costs and timeframe to get your project started and completed.