Plunge Pools Perth & Port Hedland

With over 35 years of experience designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining fibreglass swimming pools large and small, Billabong Pools is the leader in Perth, especially when it comes to plunge pools. With each of our plunge pools comes a twenty five year warranty – that’s how confident we are of our products. And our confidence is founded on three principles:

Design – our decades of experience in making all variety of ppools, ot just plunge pools has given us unrivalled skill in the making of large fibreglass structures stable and strong enough to remain watertight and give decades of pleasure. We have developed techniques of design which reinforce our pools at strategic places, and these are incorporated whether you choose one of our stock plunge pool designs or allow us to custom design and build a plunge pool for you.

Installation – many of the problems with plunge pools don’t emerge until some years after purchase, and turn out to be attributable to inexpert installation. Because we do our own installations, we are able to prepare the support for the plunge pool in such a way as to avoid undesirable, and possibly destructive stresses and strains.

Maintenance – After sales inspections ensure that any problems are picked up and dealt with before they can cause any damage. Billabong Pools provides a comprehensive maintenance service to preserve your plunge pool in top condition throughout its long life.

Take a moment to browse our gallery of exciting plunge pool designs, or send us your enquiry here.